What Candidates Expect from Staffing Agencies During Their Job Search

Candidates have the power to choice which staffing firms to work with in their job search. Every interaction with a recruiter counts throughout the hiring process, as does the recruiting management software employed by the firm. Staffing agencies should not rely on one or the other to meet their business needs. As a result of a candidate's experience with the recruiter or how organized the firm appears, they are either confident in the staffing agency or decide to set their sights somewhere else. Every agency has the opportunity to impress candidates, but few rise to the challenge.

A staffing agency that makes it a priority to accommodate the candidate throughout the hiring process sets itself apart from one that does not. When a recruiting firm prides itself in offering quality service, they are likely to attract candidates who trust their recommendations. Employing a software solution like Tempworks software  designed to make the hiring process less impersonal is a critical driver of success.

Believe it or not, candidates often decide whether or not they would like to be represented by your firm before they are contacted by a recruiter. Delivering solid social media content and having social proof increases your agency's credibility. Also, the application process shouldn't be unnecessarily time-consuming. Every part of the hiring process should be designed to accommodate the candidate's needs. Tempworks  Mobile and desktop interfaces should be easily accessible and user-friendly.

Resume uploads shouldn't be a hassle and online forms must be relevant. The goal of the software should be to streamline processes. The staffing software used in the application process should import resumes quickly and automatically fill the required fields. Candidates should not have to worry about whether or not the information provided was applied to the correct fields. As soon as the resume file is uploaded, the staffing software solution should store candidates' information. If your company has several locations, then the candidate's location should match your firm's branch location. This will make it easy for candidates to apply for jobs as soon as they are posted, without having to re-upload their information. Upon application submission, the recruiting management software should offer a feature that allows you to send out a customizable and automated message to the candidate. Again, this removes any room for doubt as to whether or not the application was received. Also, if you work with contractors then the same rules apply when using payroll software. Neglecting the back office needs of your agency is also to be avoided by agencies that require both software solutions.

Offering a quality candidate experience shouldn't stop after agreements are signed and the candidate begins working where they were placed. By providing solutions to both candidates and employers, you will be rewarded with their trust that they've made the right choice. Agencies that understand the importance of putting themselves in the other person's shoes will succeed in creating a valuable experience for their customers.